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With the current amount of mobile browsing, we needed a no-frills, no-gimmicks, no-nonsense resources site which would allow English Language students to access information and resources whether they were viewing it on a netbook, laptop, desktop, IPhone, IPad or any other mobile device. If it doesn't work on yours, please report it here.

These courses depend on students taking responsibility for their learning, researching independently and using their initiative, but the resources appearing here should help those who require additional support.

All resources are for nonprofitmaking educational purposes, and we are grateful to other institutions for free exchange of material. If you feel, however, that copyright is being breached, please report it here and we will gladly remove any offending document.

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Units 1 and 2

These are Language Variation: Individual Variation and Variation Over Time (From 1500 to the Present Day), assessed by two essays in one exam (2 hours and 15 minutes, 35% of the mark); and Child Language: Written and Spoken, assessed by one essay in one exam (1 hour, 20% of the mark).

Unit 3

This is Investigating Language, the area of investigation pre-released in the January before the summer exam, which students will research. It is assessed by two questions in one exam (1 hour and 45 minutes, 25% of the mark).

Unit 4

This is the Coursework. It consists of two pieces of Creative Writing plus one commentary (3,000 words maximum, 20% of the mark). It is internally assessed.