Celebrating two great writers' groups... and introducing a third.

Two Poems from Mother:

The First Time




I fall
I am falling
Through this charcoal cavity
This atomless space-dust and burnt out star,
This blackened vacuum.
No catch
No fall
No I.


Space that isn’t There

I used to dream of those Sundays.
When the milky sun spits through the clouds
So there’s just rays shining down.

I used to dream it was God.
He was saying hello, I’m here.
I’ll keep you warm.

Maybe I misheard.
I have nightmares about it now.
In His place, there’s the devil in a white suit.

He isn’t sunlight peeling through clouds,
He is dust storms in the night
Choking me into darkness.

The above writers have either been previous members of the Minutemen or Vibe groups, or are current honorary members of the Firebird Writers' Group.

Featured Author: Lauren Marshall-Nichols: Poet, Playwright and Prose Writer

Lauren Marshall-Nichols

From a very young age I have been a constant and avid reader and writer, habits which have continued to shape and define my adult life. If I ever have a spare minute I’m writing or thinking about writing, and often this is when my best pieces are born—in the odd moment. As someone who has always been an incorrigible all-rounder, my writing tends to broach a range of themes—sexual abuse, nature, love—in various forms, sometimes meeting controversy head-on. I hope never to stop writing, and throughout my life to have something to write about which will make people listen, make them think and make them feel. .

The Power of Naming a Person [first portfolio]
Mother [second portfolio]
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